Invisio is a bulk importer of medical equipment and personal protective equipment.  We have a WDA(h) Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Supply license from the UK regulators.

Invisio is an Authorised Representative/International Distributor for Xiancare (, Medicscan and Beluga gloves with constant access to glove supplies in Europe and the US, plus supply allocations direct from manufacturers in China (brought over by train/truck to Duisburg, Italy, Spain and UK directly every month), Thailand and Malaysia by ship.

We are also the Authorised Representative for Wego Medical, Jiangsu Saintek and Shenzhen Mellowhope (vaccines).  We have excellent relationships with manufacturing companies who we work with directly to fulfil large scale orders for medical supplies, devices or medicines, as well as a number of Special Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK.

We also develop pharmaceutical products and have two psychiatry products ready to launch as Special Pharmaceutical Medications in early 2022.  International Distributors/Agents are actively being sought especially in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia and South America.